Kookaburra Laughter

Emily Morgan

Mixed Media

Birds embody sound and sight. Hearing a bird move, either flutter its wings or sing, makes us imagine how the bird looks; its colours, shape, size. Kookaburras, like kingfishers, are very stealthy birds. Excellent at catching prey for this reason. They don’t move once they find a perch on their territory, only if they spot a meal. Or they realise they have been seen. As humans, we love seeing and hearing birds, they bring joy and surprises to us. Laughter, in the face of human tragedy, or human folly; laughter as an emotional release of tension when we are nervous and scared. Laughter is our most powerful weapon against the odds that may be stacked against us. To laugh, we can’t take ourselves too seriously.

Hair + Headpiece: Ken Wallace. Hair Assistants: Carrie Chaloner and Belinda Dundson. Makeup: Rebecca Dainer. Model: SIA Model Management.