Terms & Conditions and Media Release Form

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2021 T&C and Media Release

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WAT – 2018

Please carefully read and understand all terms and conditions of the Wearable Art Townsville show before entering.

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If you have any questions, please contact us.

For the purposes of these Terms & Conditions:

  • Any reference to the ‘designer’ shall refer to either an Individual Designer, Collaborative Design Team, or Community Group, School or Organisation, and will include ALL members of the design team or community group, school or organisation.
  • Wearable Art Townsville shall be referred to as ‘WAT’ or ‘WAT18’.


Entry Requirements:

  • All steps must be completed as instructed on entry form to be valid, including completing and signing the Terms & Conditions form (which also acts as the Media Release form).
  • Submission of entry does not constitute acceptance or entry into the show.
  • A designer can enter WAT18 as a:
    • Individual Designer
    • Collaborative Design Team (Collaborative design teams can consist of no more than five designers and must have a lead contact person listed on the entry form for all communications).
    • Community Group, School, or Organisation (A lead contact person must be listed on the entry form for all communications).
  • Entrants under the age of 18 years MUST have parent/guardian permission to enter WAT18.
  • A design entry may only be submitted into one category.
  • A designer can submit multiple design entries (one design per category).
  • All wearable art garment/s need to be the work of the designer and garments entered must not have been displayed or exhibited in the Townsville Shire
  • Entries will close on the 9 March 2018 and must be made online via entry form.
  • Successful entries will be contacted on 10 March 2018 via email.
  • Once notification of successful entry/entries is made, payment will be required.
    • $80 per entry – Individual Designers (Student)
    • $120 per entry – Individual Designers (Adult)
    • $120 per entry – Collaborative Design Teams
    • $120 per entry – Community Groups or Schools
  • Payment terms will be addressed on notification.
  • Progress photos will be required by successful designers during the making process, and upon completion of the garment. This will be addressed on notification.
  • Successful entries will be exhibited in a choreographed performance at the WAT show on 20th October 2018 at Townsville Stadium.
  • Designers agree to allow their garments to be available for an exhibition post-event
  • Selected designs may form part of a display after WAT 18.
  • Designers agree to their garment, if selected, to be displayed for up to 2 months after the WAT 18 event.


Wearable Art Garments

  • Garments will be photographed prior to the event in order to be in the WAT18 catalogue, and for media release and marketing materials.
  • All items the model is required to wear as part of the entry must be supplied by the designer.
  • Exceptions to this rule is shoes:
  • If suppling shoes as part of your garment/s please mark on entry form shoe size required.
  • When creating shoes please consider all health and safety requirements.
  • At progress shots stage, designers will be required to have exact sizing of shoes with images.
  • If you are not designing shoes all WAT models will wear their own black or nude high kneels.
  • NO SHOES will be worn if this is specified on entry that it is part of the design.
  • Do not supply earrings for pierced ears.
  • The garment/s must be safe for a model to wear and perform in.
  • All entries must be wearable, that is, able to be worn on the human body.
  • Garments must be made to withstand transportation and able to be worn multiple times with potentially some choreographic movement on stage.
  • Electrical wiring, if used, must be safe and simple to operate and must comply with Australian standards.www.worksafe.qld.gov.au/laws-and-compliance/electrical-safety-laws/laws-and-legislation/reference-materials
  • Models must be able to see clearly and breathe easily while wearing the garment.
  • Garment weight must be evenly distributed and comfortable to perform in.
  • Headpieces must be fitted and well balanced and must be stated in entry form.
  • Do not supply make-up – this will be organised and supplied by WAT.
  • Garments must be made to fit the Australian sizing chart.
    • Female Size: 6,8,10,12 (Please allocate size on entry)
    • Male Size: S, M, L (Please allocate size on entry)
  • When worn by a model, the garment must be easily able to enter and exit the stage via a 1.5m wide opening.
  • Any hard materials with RAW (sharp) edges e.g. glass, ceramics, plastic, metal must not be used.
  • Do not use perishable materials, unless properly treated, including animal products, plant products and food.


Delivery of Garments:

  • Completed garments must be delivered between 6th -10th August 2018. Location TBA.
  • Packaging should be suitable for safe return of garments.
  • Each garment must include a completed Instruction Sheet (provided with acceptance notification letter) with a detailed explanation of how your garment is to be worn. Images will also need to be attached.
  • There must be a label on the inside of each garment (including accessories) which includes the designer’s name and entry category.

Please note: In the case of Collaborative Design Teams the Lead Designer’s name should be used. In the case of Groups/School/Organisations, the name of the Group/School/Organisation should be used.

  • WAT takes no responsibility for garments which have been submitted unlabelled or lost.
  • Local designers must be available to pick up their garment/s on Sunday 21st October, between 1- 4pm, location TBA.*
  • National and International designers must arrange for freight companies to collect garments on Monday 22nd October, location and time TBA.*

*Unless the garment is selected as part of an exhibition after the WAT18 show, in which case the designer will be notified of the new collection dates.

Freight and Insurance:

  • The designer will be responsible for all the costs of freighting and packaging their garment to and from Townsville.
  • A return freight paid slip must be included for National and International designers.
  • Insurance of garments while at the event and in transit will be the responsibility the designer.


The WAT18 Show

Models / Hair / Makeup
  • WAT will supply all models for on-stage performances and catalogue shoots.
  • WAT will supply a hair and make-up team for performances and catalogue shoots.
  • WAT will supply all dressers for the performance.
  • WAT will repack your garments.
  • WAT will return garments as indicated by you on your entry form.


WAT18  Designers

All entries selected for the WAT18 show will receive:

  • 1 x complementary ticket to the WAT18 show.
  • 1 x High Resolution digital image of your garment.
  • Discount on WAT18 merchandise.
  • Invite to WAT18 Pre-Launch and After Party.


The garment deemed to be the ‘most outstanding’ will receive the inaugural WAT Award.

Prize includes:

  • $1,000 CASH Prize
  • Garment image and designer credit on media and merchandising material for 2019.
  • Special guest designer at WAT19.
  • 2 x High Resolution digital images of their design.
  • Opportunity to exhibit their winning garment at future WAT exhibitions and events.
  • Media opportunities.
  • 1x WAT18 Merchandising Pack
  • 1x WAT19 Merchandising Pack

Wat will appoint an industry recognised figure to judge and select the prize-winning garment.

The judge’s decision will be final, and correspondence will not be entered into.

Privacy, Copyright & Media Release

  • The designer grants WAT and third parties the right to photograph, film or take other footage of their garment, and/or themselves (the designer) for publication, merchandising and/or promotional and commercial use in any format or medium (in whole or in part) including the Internet, CD or DVD-Rom, or other multi-media uses.
  • Then designer agrees to give permission to WAT to release their contact details to third parties, including the media, for publicity/marketing purposes. Wherever possible, WAT will acknowledge the designer in any publication, merchandising and/or promotional material which contains images and/or footage of a designer’s garment and/or the designer.
  • The designer grants to WAT and third parties to a worldwide, royalty free, perpetual, transferable licence to use any images or media sent to WAT (including images/photographs, inspirations, stories, and artist statements etc.) for promotional, merchandising and/or media purposes.
  • The designer warrants and represents that the design:
    • is an original creation; and
    • does not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party.
  • Entries must comply with the copyright guidelines www.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/cth/consol_act/ca1968133/
  • The designer indemnifies WAT against all actions, claims and demands (including the costs of defending or settling any action, claim or demand) arising from a breach of the warranties under the Copy Write Act.
  • The designer indemnifies WAT for any loss, damage caused or suffered as a result of entering into the WAT show.
  • The designer also waivers all rights to take any legal action against WAT.
  • The designer agrees to be bound by any terms or conditions as set out in the WAT18 Terms and Conditions

 WAT reserves the right to disqualify an entry which:

  • is not an original creation.
  • has been displayed previously in the Townsville Shire (unless given direct authorisation by the WAT Directors*).
  • does not conform to the Copyright Guidelines,
  • infringes another person’s intellectual property rights.

*This may come with additional Terms & Conditions which must be adhered to.