Wearable Art occupies an exciting and innovative space that fuses many art forms and techniques, from the use of recycled or high-tech materials and industrial design, through to millinery, sculpture and traditional craft and weaving techniques.

Wearable Art Creatives (WAC) was established in 2019 and aims to grow and promote wearable art as an innovative, vibrant, and creative art form in Townsville, its surrounding areas, and beyond.

The WAC Show is a highly entertaining stage performance showcasing wearable artworks from across Australia.  It showcases the work of artists, designers, hair stylists and makeup artists, alongside dance and music performances.

The 2021 WAC Show was presented at the inaugural POSE event as part of the North Australian Festival of Arts (NAFA) in Townsville, in August 2021.

WAC’s first exhibition, UP CLOSE, featured a selection of artworks from the 2021 WAC Show at Pinnacles Gallery, Townsville.

The WAC Show is back on 26 August 2023 as part of POSE, a NAFA commissioned event.