Wearable Yarn Bomb

Bronte Perry

Yarn (mostly acrylic)

Wearable Yarn Bomb explores the concept of ugly on purpose as a way to subvert contemporary ideals of fashion and beauty. The piece begins in the territory of ugly sweater competitions and pushes through the realms of kitsch and ironic fashion to land in a space of sartorial ambiguity: who would make such a thing, let alone wear it?

Wearable Yarn Bomb allows the wearer to choose to be unattractive. It ignores the rules of fashion that demand women dress for body type, complexion, or season. It goes beyond mere disinterest in trends and fashion fads and makes a conscious choice to be ugly. It is impractical, it is unsightly, and it is designed to make us question what we wear and why we choose to wear it.

Hair: Ken Wallace. Hair Assistants: Carrie Chaloner and Belinda Dundson. Makeup: Ben Bowkett. Model: Alexandra Napoli.