Real Eyes, Real Lies

Quinn McKenzie

Embroidery, watercolour, markers, coloured pencil, appliqué, sewing, digital manipulation

People often hide who they actually are and show different versions of themselves, dependant on who they are around.  Inspired by the quote, “The Eye is the Window to the Soul”, it was possible to merge the idea that people are inherently protective of their true selves and each person is uniquely different. ‘Real Eyes, Real Lies’, was also influenced by the work of Christina A Kapono and Emily Valentine Bullock, who focus on the process of using the non-living to represent the living and how we can recreate and imitate the persona of someone or something in an artwork.

Headpiece: Ken Wallace. Hair Assistants: Carrie Chaloner and Belinda Dundson. Makeup: Tammy Johnson. Model: SIA Model Management.