Raw Beauty

Holly Radford

Fabric, lace, trim, ribbon, copper wire, bamboo skewers, sponge, beads, gemstones, crystals, chain, old jewellery, spray paint and fabric paint.

This artwork takes its inspiration from the raw materials and power that lay beneath the surface of the Earth. The reds, and oranges represent the powerful molten lava at the core of the Earth, which has the ability to wipe out entire civilisations and move mountains. Additionally, the copper wire and gemstones represent the minerals and ore that are dug up from the Earth and used to generate power, add value to our economy, and provide infrastructure; all of which are fundamental to the functioning of our society.

Hair: Ken Wallace. Hair Assistants: Carrie Chaloner and Belinda Dundson. Makeup: Nancy Drew. Model: Karly Radford.